The DMNG Manager is a live video contribution platform that enables broadcasters and video professionals to control an entire range of equipment, including DMNG PRO and DMNG RACK transmitters, smartphones using the DMNG APP, DMNG StreamHub receivers and third-party systems.

The DMNG Manager transforms remote newsgathering by enabling an operator to manage and control hundreds of devices with a single tool. Using the DMNG Manager broadcasters can easily allocate resources and route live video content for transmission over 3G/4G cellular wireless, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite networks. By streamlining DMNG operations, the solution provides broadcasters with significant time and cost savings.

Reliable hardware and flexible software combination: The DMNG Manager includes a rack-mount Linux server with a software license that can support hundreds of devices.

Intuitive user interface: Through an intuitive, Web-based user interface that can be installed through either a cloud-based application or a head-end solution, the DMNG Manager brings simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency to any news organization.

Resource allocation
One of the unique capabilities of the DMNG Manager is resource allocation. Utilizing the system, users route live streams and video files to dedicated receivers to increase their operational efficiency.

Advanced monitoring
The DMNG Manager also includes a variety of advanced monitoring capabilities that simplify newsgathering. Through the device’s geo-location feature, operators can easily identify the exact location of every field unit for better management and easy troubleshooting. In addition, the DMNG Manager indicates the real-time system and performance of all devices in the DMNG ecosystem so that operators are aware of resource availability and potential warnings. A video thumbnail of each video feed coming in from the field units is provided. When arranged in a grid-view, these thumbnails help operators decide whether to route the video to one or multiple receivers or CDNs.

Remote configuration
Using the DMNG Manager, operators can remotely set up and configure field units in just a few steps. By enabling operators to push a configuration file to several field units simultaneously, the DMNG Manager speeds up a broadcaster’s operations. Additionally, the DMNG Manager provides access to the Web page of every connected field unit and receiver, enabling easy remote control.

Firmware upgrades
The DMNG Manager can be used as a central tool to manage firmware updates of the field units. Firmware upgrades to the DMNG Manager itself are simple and affordable, providing users with a cost-effective and future-proof solution.





  • TF1 (France)
    17 Feb, 2015