High performance live video transceiver

Receive, decode and play out live streams coming from multiple filed units such as AVIWEST’s transmitters & encoders, MacBook & smartphone applications or third-party systems.

The AVIWEST StreamHub is a Linux-based feature-rich high performance receiver, decoder and distribution platform that has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of Broadcasters deploying video contribution systems over IP networks. The platform can be operated in virtualized mode to deliver all of the economic benefits of the cloud without compromising the performance required by today’s media environments.

It offers video professionals the flexibility they need to broadcast live video content to any CDN, video streaming service platform or live video social networks


Fully integrated into the DMNG ecosystem, the StreamHub application supports a large set of functionalities:

Video Receiver and Decoder: The StreamHub packs a rich set of input IP protocols and the platform can receive up to 16 concurrent incoming streams from remote AVIWEST encoders or transmitters (PRO Series, AIR Series, RACK Series, MOJOPRO Series) or third party systems, such as IP cameras. It implements the best-in class AVC/H.264 , HEVC/H.265  technologies and supports 4K video resolution. Up to 4 videos can be simultaneously decoded thanks to 4 SDI outputs with a Genlock input.

Point to point and point to multipoint distribution: The StreamHub offers multiples output streaming protocols (RTMP, RTSP/RTP, HLS, TS/IP, SRT) allowing video contents to be freely distributed over virtually any IP networks. Up to 32 IP outputs are supported to re-stream the video contents over LAN or WAN to CDNs, Media Servers, Streaming Platforms, IRDs or other StreamHubs.

Video Recorder and Server: The StreamHub combines the functions of a video recorder and a video server on each of its 16 inputs.

Proven professional IFB system: The StreamHub includes an IFB application that enables broadcasters to communicate with remote transmitter operators over up to 16 independent two-way audio channels.

Intuitive web user interface: The StreamHub application features an intuitive web user interface that enables to easily control and manage a fleet of remote transmitters, optimize and monitor the video transmissions thanks to a large panel of features, such as video thumbnails and statistics.

Flexible configurations: Designed to fit customers’ unique needs and head-end constraints, the StreamHub application can be hosted on a 1U or a 2U server platform with various software configurations. The StreamHub also operates as cloud-based solution.


Platform 1-RU or 2-RU server platform
Internal storage: 1TB
Redundant power supply
Up to 4 SDI outputs
Dual Gig-E network interfaces
Gig-E Interfaces Dual port NIC adapter
Up to 1 Gbps in
Up to 1 Gbps out
Unicast and multicast
OS Linux 64-bit Server
Management Web-based GUI
Integrated with DMNG Manager
Main Functions Decode incoming streams
Record and play back files
Stream out incoming streams
Transmission and networks statistics
Encoders and transmitters full remote
      control & command
Video thumbnails
IFB return channel
Video Processing AVC/H.264
Supported video standards:
– 4K UHD
Video Down-scaling & Upscaling
Stream Processing Transmuxing
Input Formats Base-band video (HD-SDI/HDMI)
Streaming protocols
   – TS/IP (SPTS)
   – RTMP
   – HLS
   – IP Bonding (AVIWEST SafeStreams)
   – H.264
   – H.264/HEVC
   – AAC-LC
   – AAC-HE v2
   – MPEG-1 L2
Output Formats Base-band video (HD-SDI/HDMI)
Streaming protocols
   – TS/IP (SPTS)
   – RTMP push
   – HLS
   – SRT

   – H.264
   – H.264/HEVC
   – AAC-LC
   – AAC-HE v2
   – MPEG-1 L2

Code Product Description
AW-STL1 DMNG StreamHub
1RU platform
DMNG StreamHub software licence
AW-STL2 DMNG StreamHub
2RU platform
DMNG StreamHub software licence
Code Hardware Options
AW-OR-SDI1 1 x SDI output board with output licence
AW-OR-SDI2 2 x SDI outputs board with output licences
AW-OR-SDI4 4 x SDI outputs board with output licences
AW-OR-HDM1 1 x HDMI output board with output licence
AW-OR-ISC PCI Express sound card (for IFB)
AW-OR-AR 1U audio rack
8 independent 2-way IFB channels application
Intercom function licence
Code Software Options
AW-OR-IAW 1 x DMNG input channel
Supported IP protocol: AVIWEST SafeStreams
Supported products: DMNG PRO, DMNG RACK
AW-OR-IAP 1 x DMNG input channel
Supported IP protocol: AVIWEST SafeStreams
Supported products: DMNG PRO, DMNG RACK, DMNG APP
AW-OR-OIP 1 x IP streaming output channel
Supported protocols: RTSP/RTP, HLS, RTMP, TS/IP, SRT
AW-OR-FIC Intercom function licence
AW-OR-FRC Record function licence
AW-OR-FPB Video Play back function licence
AW-OR-FIT File Transfert (FTP) function licence
AW-OR-AES Data transmission AES encryption