AVIWEST’s DMNG (Digital Mobile News Gathering) system is the most advanced and comprehensive video hybrid contribution platform. Using the system, in-field first responders can flawlessly capture and stream live high-quality video to their command centers, leveraging available 3G/4G cellular wireless, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite networks.

Used by law enforcement, homeland security, and firefighting organizations, the system provides crucial real-time information that can significantly improve command center decision making.

The DMNG systems can receive several live video feeds from remote transmitters. Videos are decoded to be displayed on a screen or streamed over the network to be shared inside the organization. In addition, videos can be recorded for legal purposes or shared with other agencies or media such news TV channels.

AVIWEST’s DMNG systems have been deployed by a number of national and local police forces, security organizations, and firefighters for remote surveillance purposes or to supervise remote operations and communicate with the responders in the field. The DMNG systems are the ideal solution for these organizations based on their compact design; increased flexibility, reliability, and affordability; and their ability to provide crystal-clear video despite varying or poor network conditions.


The DMNG ecosystem comprises a full range of mobile devices, from tablets and smartphones using the DMNG APP to the industry-leading DMNG PRO transmitters, the DMNG RACK rack mount hybrid contribution video encoders, the DMNG Laptop MacBook Pro® application, and the DMNG StreamHub receivers. The entire system can be seamlessly controlled and monitored by the DMNG Manager server application.