Based on a mix of hardware and software technologies, AVIWEST has developed the world’s most advanced, compact, and portable video hybrid contribution systems. AVIWEST solutions feature a complete range of cutting-edge technologies including video compression, transmission over various wireless networks, video reception, and decoding.


Unlike most of our competitors, who offer solutions consisting of a heavy PC in a backpack, AVIWEST’s systems are compact and lightweight. In addition, AVIWEST’s hardware platforms offer a high MTBF, low power consumption, and unparalleled mobility, making them perfect for breaking news and live events coverage.


The team at AVIWEST is composed of engineers from high-tech companies specialized in video, multimedia, and embedded electronics, including Grass Valley, Ericsson Television, Canon, and Sagem, with more than 100 years of cumulative experience in these areas. To provide our customers with superior video quality and the best consumer quality of experience (QoE), the AVIWEST R&D engineers have developed a best-in-class encoder that compresses video according to the real-time characteristics of various bonded networks, their bit rates, and delays. Video resolutions and frame rates can be automatically setup according to a perceived video quality model.


AVIWEST’s solutions work by detecting and aggregating (i.e., bonding together) multiple IP-based networks (e.g., 3G, 4G, WiMax, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, satellite). As the world becomes increasingly covered in wireless connectivity, our solutions enable broadcasters to take advantage of every IP network in their immediate area as they become available. To perform this crucial task, a high-performance mechanism automatically senses and bonds together all possible outlets of IP connectivity to provide broadcasters with the biggest pipe to spread their video content.


In order to ensure high-quality uplink transmissions, our DMNG systems and custom high-gain antennas maximize the energy transmitted by modems based on CDMA and LTE frequencies and their associated bandwidths. The VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) is tuned to obtain best-in-class RF efficiencies, while the use of multiple modems in a reduced space creates coupling between antennas so that the quality of isolation becomes a primary preoccupation. Through the latest software tools for antenna simulation, RF analysis equipment, and periodic measurements in anechoic chambers, our solutions are guaranteed to operate optimally, in any conditions, at all times.


The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) measures the rate at which energy is absorbed by the body when exposed to a radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field.

According to the European Union standards (EN 62209-2-2010) the SAR limit is 2 W/kg averaged over 10 g of human tissue.

AVIWEST is committed to ensuring that its solutions successfully pass the SAR measurements and can be safely used while touching the body. All of our solutions have passed SAR measurements performed by an approved European laboratory. The reports are available to customers upon request.