What can we expect from broadcasters with the return of global events?

Web Streaming

As live sports and events slowly re-emerge and we look forward to postponed championships, what can we expect from broadcasters as they marry what they have learned in AR and “watch together” with the return of the crowds and global events?

5G content production

According to Ronan Poullaouec, Chief Technology Officer at AVIWEST, without fans in stadium and venues, one the most important lessons learned is that fans want interactions, which has accelerated the broadcasting of programs on social networks and Internet streaming platforms such as “watch together” platforms. Content should be available on multiple devices and interactivity is an important point, while the use of cameras on-the-go in broadcasting live content has become more and more essential to address this notion and need for greater interactivity. The main effect we have seen is a stronger demand for more live content and interactivity among people, as well as the need for synchronised players for audio and video, and lower latencies between cameras and the media players that viewers are using to watch content.

5G technology will be extremely beneficial in simplifying the content production process and will reduce the costs of operations with remote production workflows. It will also address a variety of scenarios including newsgathering and second tier sports production as well as large tier one sports production events where there are multiple wireless cameras and a need for premium video production.

5G will simplify the content production process.

Ronan Poullaouec, Chief Technology Officer


| From Euromedia Cover Story, May June, 2021 |