AVIWEST and b-com revolutionize live broadcasting

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During IBC2019, in partnership with the Institute of Research and Technology b<>com, we provided an exclusive 5G live demonstration dedicated to live content delivery. This demonstration is the result of a partnership announced in the summer of 2018 between b<>com and AVIWEST to build the retransmission systems of the future.

Live content production and distribution is essential today for broadcasters. However, these applications are demanding when it comes to bandwidth, latency, and quality of service. They’re also subject to significant operating costs.

The live demo at IBC show how slicing, a 5G-specific feature, makes it possible to cut a network up into several virtual segments. With this unique feature, broadcasters can configure different streams based on usage requirements (i.e., priority, reliability, latency, bandwidth capacity). When covering a live event, the risk of network congestion is high. 5G makes it possible to create different slices and ensure high-quality video streams for those that are defined as the priority, even if the network is swamped by users. During the demo visitors can see, in real time, the difference in video quality between a priority slice and “best-effort” slices.

Compact and mobile, the b<>com “Wireless Edge Factory” can be deployed wherever a radio signal is available and serve up live streams. With the “Wireless Edge Factory” broadcasters can incorporate advanced virtualization functions, whether in the cloud or at the edge, for processing content between capture and distribution (i.e., mixing, graphics and sound, etc. ). This enables remote production and significantly reduced operating costs. b<>com’s solution is integrated with AVIWEST’s AIR Series ultra-compact HEVC bonded cellular transmitter to streamline the delivery of broadcast news, sports, and field events from any location around the world, as well as internet streaming to social networks. Featuring a compact ruggedized enclosure along with a long life internal rechargeable battery, a large set of audio and video interfaces, and state-of-the-art H.265/HEVC encoding, the AIR Series ensures premium HD and SD video quality with less data use and low latency (down to 0.5 seconds).

Working with b<>com allows us to have good insight into the future and understand emerging trends in technology so that we can adapt and anticipate our clients’ eventual needs. Our next step will be to collaborate with b<>com on developing a new low-bitrate, low-lag video compression system. Once integrated into our products, this technology will make them even more effective. We’re also evaluating major industry changes like the arrival of the 5G networks.

Erwan Gasc, CEO of AVIWEST.

| Sept 30, 2019 |