BBC Panorama Covers U.S. Elections

Case study
News Gathering

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Panorama team, deployed several AVIWEST PRO180 transmitter units and StreamHub receiver platforms for its coverage of the U.S. presidential election last November.

Live from Dallas and Laredo, Texas

BBC Panorama produces current affairs programs, featuring interviews and investigative reports on a wide variety of subjects. AVIWEST’s uplink system streamlined BBC Panorama’s distribution of pre-recorded or live proxies over 3G/4G networks from Dallas and Laredo, Texas on the Mexican border, to its facility in the U. K. for post-production.

The AVIWEST uplink system provides broadcasters with the flexibility required to store and forward video footage over bonded cellular networks. By enabling easy recording and transferring of footage to the BBC’s FTP site via AVIWEST’s StreamHub, the receiver platform dramatically simplified the workflow both in the U.S. and back in London.

Ryan Sheppard, support and pre-sales engineer at Sematron, AVIWEST’s U.K. distributer

Remote Control of the Field Units from the BBC Office

With StreamHub, the BBC Panorama team could remotely control and configure PRO180 field units based in the U.S. from a BBC office in London. Initially, BBC Panorama planned to use the DMNG PRO transmitters for their store and forward features. However, once at the heart of the action, the transmitters were also used for live coverage, allowing BBC Panorama to utilize the footage for use within their program trailer, prior to the airing of the documentary a week after the election.

Efficient and Simplied Workfow

“The AVIWEST bonding capability, its flexibility, and efficiency allow a simplified workflow, which is key for broadcasters like the BBC,” said Florian Kolmer, sales and business development at AVIWEST. “The PRO180 is a versatile and portable solution that enables TV channels and remote journalists to be even more reactive on the ground as well as deliver news coverage with speed and agility. Moreover, we want to thank our U.S. master distributor VidOvation for deploying the PRO180 system and for providing local support and service to all AVIWEST customers, with technical expertise through all stages of each project.”

SAINT-GRÉGOIRE, France — February 15, 2017