Crowded Place and Harsh Network Conditions: AVIWEST Made it Live!

News Gathering

In Brazil, September 7th is the Independence Day and a national Holiday for all Citizens with many celebrations and parades in major cities across the country.

In Sao Paulo, one of the key moment was the President’s speech which took place on Paulista Avenue with more than 100,000 people in the street.

live broadcast from Helicopter_AVIWEST

Customer’s Objective

Capture real-time footage from an helicopter to offer an excellent live event coverage to viewers, using cellular networks.
To communicate with the cameraman inside the helicopter from the MCR to give him real-time instructions.

Challenges and Constraints

1*  The very large security deployment due to the President’s presence:
Military force used several drones to film and follow live the actions of the crowd, and managed and monitored operations using radio frequencies constantly.

2* A 4G network totally congested due to 100,000 + people using their smartphone, TV and radio channels in one single street at the same time.

As a result, the worst scenario for being live over the cellular network.

The solution: AVIWEST, the Only System that Allowed to Be Live

In this harsh network conditions, the remote operator had a PRO380 mounted on his camera paired with 2 QUAD Antennas placed under the helicopter.
With its 8 modems and the Emmy-awarded SST Technology, the PRO3 was able to aggregate the available networks to get the maximum bandwidth to broadcast videos in a reliable and efficient way.

The operator has always been in communication with the MCR thanks to the bi-directional IFB-based intercom solution.

At the MCR, the AVIWEST StreamHub platform received and decoded the live feed with 2-second latency, and 5 Mbps bitrates.

It was a real success!
At no time the signal was lost, and the broadcaster could share quality live videos.

| Sept. 17th, 2021 |