Broadcasting Live Cycling Races with AVIWEST Mobile Transmitters

Sports Coverage

Sports TV viewers want to be as close as possible to the action, they don’t want to miss any second of the competition. This is why broadcasters need a flexible and mobile solution to cover these type of events.

Broadcasting Live Cycling Races with AVIWEST Mobile Transmitters


Whether it’s on-land or aerial coverage, AVIWEST technology meets the need of broadcasters. Our lightweight and compact field units such as PRO & AIR Series have no limit and can be deployed on helicopters, drones, motorcycles, cars or even boats, allowing broadcasters to follow riders at every stage of the competition. They allow a complete coverage of races while on-the-move with a reliable, premium broadcast-grade video quality with low end-to-end latency.

Beyond audio/video transmission, the PRO Series offers a set of advanced features to facilitate remote production:

  • low latency video return
  • full duplex intercom with the studio
  • IP Databridge for remote control of cameras
  • tally light system or any other IP device
  • automatic FT Push (video content files sent from AVIWEST transmitters and securely stored on the StreamHub receiver or on external location)

Our bonded cellular solution is selected around the world for major cycling events:

Recently, AVIWEST was used during the Tour of Oman. The on-site crew, located in more than 13 different locations, was equipped with PRO3 Series transmitters to follow the 891-km race. Each PRO3 delivered a premium video quality with low end-to-end latency over 4G/3G cellular networks to AVIWEST’s StreamHub receiver platform, used to distribute the footage to affiliates and other international broadcasters.

Here are some other examples of AVIWEST’s deployment:

  • Thai PBS transmitted the Tour of Thailand thanks to AVIWEST PRO3
  • Canal RCN selected PRO3 and AIR solutions for the Vuelta Cíclistica de Ecuador
  • TV2 Denmark deployed our technology to cover Le Tour de France
  • Human Voyage chose AVIWEST during PETRONAS Tour de Langkawi



Engage your audience by offering a captivating and immersive cycling experience, choose AVIWEST Live Video Transmission and Streaming Solutions.