Canal 9 Covers Local Elections Held in Valais

Case study
News Gathering

Canal 9, the TV broadcaster in Switzerland, deployed AVIWEST’s PRO180 video uplink system and the MoJoPro mobile application for coverage of the recent local elections held in Valais.

Last month, Valais residents from the 141 municipalities voted on town council officials and elected a president and vice presidents for the next four years. To engage with the audience on election day, Canal 9 organized a special operation that involved broadcasting 10 hours of TV interviews over a two-week period to meet candidates, follow the voting and counting process as closely as possible, and film citizens’ reactions.

Superior MoJoPro smarphone application

Canal 9 broadcast 93 duplexes, representing 93 two-minute interviews, through the MoJoPro smartphone apps. Thanks to the AVIWEST SafeStream® technology, the broadcaster’s remote journalists transmitted live HD videos over bonded 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connections using their smartphones, without having to worry about network conditions. Another two-hour interview was streamed live with minimal latency over a simple internet connection leveraging the PRO180, which was installed in Canal 9’s newsgathering vehicle.

The AVIWEST solution offered us an affordable and simple way to stream live high-quality videos from any location across the canton of Valais, even on cellular networks

Joël Antonin, Co-CTO at Canal 9

Perfectly integrated in Canal 9’s production system

All the incoming streams were managed by the AVIWEST receiver, decoder, and distribution platform, allowing Canal 9 to provide viewers with real-time updates, keeping them informed about the election results. The AVIWEST equipment was perfectly integrated in Canal 9’s production system and enabled the channel to deliver more dynamic TV programs, making the election coverage a success.

“With the PRO180 transmitters and MoJoPro app, Canal 9 had a powerful solution that expanded its transmission capabilities. By enabling flawless live streaming, the DMNG system fully met Canal 9’s production requirements,” said Florian Kolmer, sales and business development at AVIWEST. “The AVIWEST mobile application helped each journalist with a smartphone to deliver real-time HD pictures and video directly to the TV channel’s production system, unquestionably meeting its current and future mobile journalism needs.”

SAINT-GRÉGOIRE, France — December 6, 2016