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AVIWEST, a Haivision company, is a leading global provider of IP-based mobile video contribution systems. Powered by proprietary, patented, and two-time Emmy® Award-winning intelligent IP bonding technology, its reliable solutions have been adopted by 1,000-plus broadcasters, online media, news agencies, social media companies, and first responders in more than 100 countries to cover breaking news and live events.

Headquartered in Saint-Grégoire, France, AVIWEST offers professional worldwide support for its products and cloud services through local and international sales offices and distribution networks across more than 160 countries.


We have sales, support, and professional services offices located in Europe, U.S., Latin America, India, and Asia. In addition, we also have an extensive network of over 200 partners that you can reach anywhere in the world.

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We have built up our success thanks to a great team of enthusiastic professionals. As we continue to grow, we are always eager to get in touch with highly talented individuals who want to be part of our enriching adventure!

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Our powerful IP-based live video solutions have been adopted by 1000+ international and local broadcasters, online media, news agencies, social media, and first responder organizations in 100+ countries.

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World’s First Portable Cellular Video Transmitter

We unveiled the world’s first portable 3G video uplink transmitter, IBIS DMNG, at IBC 2009

World’s First Live Video Transmission over a 4G Network implementing QoS

The PRO180 enabled China Mobile to broadcast live HD video content over its 4G network implementing QoS in the summer of 2014.


World’s First Live 4K Video Transmission over a 5G Network

The HE4000 4K encoder was deployed in early 2017 to stream live 4K video over a 5G network in Denmark.

LiveGuest_quickly interview your remote guests

World’s First UHD Ultra Low Latency Transmission

The PRO460 4K UHD Mobile Transmitter was used to demonstrate a end-to-end 200ms latency live video transmission over the Orange’s experimental 5G network (France).

AVIWEST_Double Emmy Award

Two Technology & Engineering Emmy® Awards

NATAS Awards Emmy® to AVIWEST for Pioneering a Reliable Transmission Method for Live Contribution and Distribution of TV Feeds, and for groundbreaking live video over bonded cellular internet solution.

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) has presented AVIWEST with a Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award for its SST (Safe Streams Transport) protocol®,which includes forward error correction (FEC), automatic repeat request (ARQ), and IP bonding techniques. AVIWEST’s technology was bestowed with the prestigious award for its excellence in engineering creativity and in pioneering a reliable transmission method for live contribution and distribution TV link.

More awards


Apr 2022

Acquisition by Haivision

Dec 2021

Presentation of the new LiveGuest solution

Oct 2021

Ultimate PRO460 - 4K/UHD Bonded 5G/4G Cellular Transmitter Launching

Sep 2021

CSI Award for PRO460 - Best 5G or Mobile Video Technology or Service

Sep 2021

RACK400 Unveiling - 4K UHD Encoder

Dec 2020

Brazil Office Opening - LATAM presence strengthened

Mar 2020

RACK Series launching - All new HEVC video contribution encoder

Feb 2020

2nd NATAS Emmy® Award for SST protocol

Sep 2019

Dubai Office Opening - Expansion of the Middle East business

Apr 2019

NATAS Emmy® Award for SST protocol

Aug 2018

US office opening - Further augmentation of the U.S. business

Nov 2017

Indian office opening - Worldwide presence reinforced

Apr 2017

AIR Series unveiled - The most compact advanced HEVC cellular transmitter

Oct 2016

Chile office opening - Rapid growth of the AVIWEST presence in LatAm

Apr 2016

HE4000 encoder unveiled - First HEVC technology implementation

Nov 2014

Hong Kong office opening - Rapid growth of the AVIWEST presence in Asia

Nov 2013

New offices in Saint-Grégoire – Acceleration of the team’s growth

Apr 2013

DMNG APP Android - Products portfolio extended with smartphone apps

Sep 2012

PRO180 success - 1000+ units produced

Apr 2012

PRO180 unveilling - The world’s most advanced bonded cellular transmitter

Mar 2011

New headquarters in Rennes – Continuous growth of the company

May 2010

IBIS DMNG v2 release - Support of multiple cellular networks bonding

Mar 2010

French elections - IBIS DMNG system 1st nationwide deployment

Jan 2010

First AVIWEST system deployments in Europe, Asia and LatAm

Sep 2009

IBIS DMNG unveiling - The world’s 1st portable 3G transmitter

Sep 2008

AVIWEST establishment

Jun 2008

AVIWEST project ignition