Cosmote Delivers First 5G Broadcast in Greece

Sports Coverage

The first live television broadcast through a 5G network in Greece, took place during the final of the Greek Football Cup.
The image was recorded by two robotic and remotely controlled cameras and  transmitted thanks to AVIWEST AIR320-5G directly from the stadium to the studios.

The AVIWEST solution was supplied by our local business partner, Telmaco

The first live television broadcast through a 5G network in Greece, took place during the final of the Greek Cup.

Broadcaster Cosmote TV was involved in broadcast, using a pilot application, which included remote control of two robotic cameras and transmission of audio and video via Cosmote 5G, bypassing the need for fibre optic cables. Similar trails are taking place with broadcasters throughout Europe, with Sky Deutschland testing 5G technology in live sports such as handball.

The 2 robotic cameras of Cosmote TV had special, wireless, 5G ready equipment supplied by Telmaco and were placed in the arena of the stadium. They were handled entirely remotely, as the low latency of the 5G network allowed them to respond in real time during the final.

This use case is changing the standard for television coverage of sporting, cultural and other events, as well as for viewing, opening the way to the transition from traditional broadcast media to more products using 5G networks.

The image recorded by the two robotic cameras was transmitted via 5G directly from the stadium to the studios, with high definition image and sound, in perfect synchronisation and without any delay, according to the partners.

AVIWEST AIR320-5G units, BirdDog UHD P400 robotic cameras in combination with the StreamHub unit for the synchronisation, communication and decoding of signals to and from the control room were used for the implementation of the use case. The 5G network enabled the transmission of high definition image and the remote operation of the cameras from the control room.

The Executive Director of Network Design & Development of OTE Group, George Tsonis, said: “In the coming years, innovative applications utilizing fifth-generation networks will change many sectors of the economy as we know them today. The pilot application through COSMOTE 5G proves just that, as it opens new avenues in television broadcasts and productions. Having been the first to bring 5G to the Greek market, we will continue to invest and work intensively, to bring the benefits of this new technology, throughout the country.”

The Director of Content & Production Operations of COSMOTE TV, Demosthenes Vassilopoulos, added: “Innovation is an integral part of it COSMOTE TV. We are happy that we made the first live TV broadcast in Greece through a fifth generation network. We take advantage of every opportunity that technology gives us, so that we can offer our viewers the best possible result over time, in the most modern way “.


| From CSI, May 25, 2021 |