AVIWEST PRO180 - Rio2016

They’re talking about us

Our powerful IP-based live video solutions have been adopted by + 1000 international broadcasters, online media, news agencies, social media and first responder organizations in more than 100 countries.

Thousands on-the-move, in-vehicle or fixed location live video contributions are powered by our solutions on a daily basis to cover breaking news and a wide range of live events all around the world.

Our customers know best when talking about us and our solutions:

“Prior to choosing AVIWEST, we performed a comprehensive test and comparison of all the bonded cellular solutions available on the market. The AVIWEST system quickly proved its capabilities and reliability, allowing us to flawlessly capture high-quality live HD video over any network from a variety of locations within the country, as well as around the world”

Semih Kaya, technical group president at Ciner Group – Turkey

“We chose AVIWEST’s PRO180 systems
because of their strong performance in tough environmental conditions, affordability, and ease of use, which is especially beneficial during events such as elections, which require simultaneous reporting from multiple locations”

Nick Taylor, manager of newsgathering operations, Al Jazeera English – Qatar

“We chose AVIWEST’s solutions because they are known for being reliable, portable, and easy to use, making it easy to stream live HD-quality video over 4G networks”

Morten Brandstrup, head of news technology, TV2 – Denmark

“The RACK180 guarantees superior performance in all environments, including crowded cities and bad weather conditions. It also increases our flexibility in the field by enabling us to utilize affordable Ka-band satellite spectrum and cellular networks. The end result is a better video-quality experience for our viewers and lower operating costs for our organization”

Quentin Guiné, engineering maintenance and operation manager, BFM TV – France

“The solution from AVIWEST will be beneficial to our journalists who cover news stories in remote locations. Essentially, the solution will allow TF1 to deliver high-quality video content anytime and from anywhere, transforming our digital mobile newsgathering operations”

Yves Bouillon, head of technical outside broadcast productions at TF1 – France

“Live PD” is the future of live television. And of every bonded cellular solution we tested, AVIWEST was the only one that could really help us accomplish our creative goals for the show”

Dan Cesareo,Founder, Owner Big Fish Entertainment – USA

“Adding AVIWEST technology to Globecast’s arsenal of contribution and delivery services gives our customers access to alternative solutions for streaming superior quality live video”

Marc Logez, head of marketing, global contribution at Globecast – France

“ Featuring a lightweight, compact design, AVIWEST’s newsgathering systems fit perfectly into our workflows, allowing us to deliver high-quality video content from any environment, whether small towns and cities in Ukraine or major hubs like Washington, D.C., Moscow, and Brussels, with both speed and reliability”

Roman Radchenko, head of outside broadcasting division at TV Channel Ukraine

“With the PRO180, we’re able to reach locations that would be inaccessible for a microwave truck, and we can do live shots for a fraction of the cost and hassle of setting up a truck. Since the PRO180 and MOJOPRO app are so easy to use, even for our nontechnical journalists, we can always be news-ready. We can even go live while driving to and from the scene”

Mike Spissinger, Chief Photographer, WPSD – USA