CCTV & Guizhou TV Stream Live Video From a High-Speed Train

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CCTV, a national Chinese TV broadcaster, and Guizhou TV, a regional Chinese TV broadcaster, deployed our PRO380 bonded cellular transmitters to produce “Travel China With High-Speed Railway,” a TV program shot and streamed live during the October 2020 Double Ninth Festival. Thanks to powerful PRO380 field units housed in a smart-designed backpack, TV crews were able to flawlessly stream celebrations from the festival from a high-speed train, capturing the beauty of Chinese landscapes, the top-notch rail network, and on-site live interviews and footage.

Customer challenges

During the show, viewers took a trip on China’s first high-speed train linking Guizhou with Guangzhou. The Guigang high-speed railway links the Southwest with the Greater Bay Area over a total distance of 857 kilometers. The railway includes 238 tunnels and 510 bridges, which posed a challenge for reliably delivering live video streams.

It was extremely challenging to stream live video from a train moving at 250 kilometers per hour. We had to maintain good signal resiliency and deliver broadcast-grade video as the train made its way through mountains, crossing 72 tunnels in 70 minutes. AVIWEST’s technology enabled us to pull off this incredible technical feat, allowing us to provide amazing images and share in the festival excitement with our audience.

Qing Zhang, vice president at Guizhou TV

Outstanding on-the-move live streaming without lag or interruption

Our equipment is compact and lightweight, enabling the broadcasters to easily conduct live interviews and move freely to shoot images to immerse viewers in the heart of celebrations.

The PRO3 Series, leveraging the double Emmy® Award-winning and patented AVIWEST SST, ensured the continuous delivery of live high-quality videos, despite harsh network conditions. Video was delivered to our StreamHub receiver, decoder, and distribution platform in the broadcast studio, where it was simultaneously broadcast on CCTV1, CCTV13, and the CCTV website.

“AVIWEST SST technology is the key element that made this live coverage successful and even possible,” said Tommy Qiu, China sales and business developer at AVIWEST. “With our PRO3 Series and StreamHub, CCTV and Guizhou TV were able to simultaneously aggregate multiple network connections, dynamically adapting the video bitrate according to network bandwidth fluctuations, protecting stream content, and supporting the retransmission of lost data. Our advanced technology and know-how make us well-equipped to continue supporting high-quality video streaming for customers, anywhere in the world, no matter what the conditions.”

| Jan 21st, 2021 |