Fight of the Century

Case study
Sports Coverage

Multiple Filipino broadcasters, including TV5, broadcasts live HD pre-coverage of Mayweathers vs. Pacquiao with AVIWEST Digital Mobile NewsGathering solution.

Pre-coverage of the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao boxing match, which took place on May 2 in Las Vegas, was streamed live to viewers in the Philippines via AVIWEST’s PRO180 3G/4G video uplink system.

Highly portable, reliable, and flexible video contribution solution

Using the digital mobile newsgathering solution, multiple Filipino broadcasters, including TV5, were able to transmit HD video about the sporting event over 3G/4G networks while maintaining superior signal quality, despite congested network conditions. By providing broadcasters with a highly portable, reliable, and flexible video contribution solution, the PRO180 reduced video delivery costs while enabling viewers to enjoy exclusive interviews and training coverage prior to one of the greatest boxing matches of all time in crystal-clear HD quality.

Flawless entertainment experience for TV viewers

“Manny Pacquiao is considered a national hero in his home country, the Philippines, so we knew there would be a large demand to watch his training preparation and daily life in Los Angeles, as well as interviews from Las Vegas, prior to the fight. As many broadcasters would be on hand to capture the event, we needed a solution that is easy to use and capable of supporting a wide range of networks,” said Bong E. Lopez, head of news engineering, TV5.

AVIWEST’s live video hybrid contribution platform is compact and lightweight, making it easy to move around within the tight confines of a sports arena. By enabling us to send live broadcast-quality video over bonded IP networks, the PRO180 guaranteed a flawless entertainment experience for Filipino TV viewers.

Bong E. Lopez, head of news engineering, TV5

The PRO180 features up to 10 cellular connections, including eight 3G/4G internal modems with high-efficiency custom antenna arrays, two USB interfaces, and a built-in Wi-Fi modem. Leveraging AVIWEST SafeStreams® technology, the PRO180 assures the delivery of live transmissions even in the midst of unpredictable cellular network conditions. Each unit comes equipped with an H.264 video encoder that enables broadcasters like TV5 to stream live HD video in the most efficient manner possible with minimal delay.

Speed up newsgathering operations

Weighing about 1 kg, the portable PRO180 can be easily connected to any professional camera, whether SD/HD SDI, analog, or HDMI, and mounted via V-Mount, Gold Mount, or PAG plates. Through a user-friendly and intuitive touch-screen interface, operators can easily configure and operate the system as well as communicate with the studio through the IFB return channel. By providing broadcasters with a video uplink system that is easy to transport and use, the PRO180 dramatically speeds up newsgathering operations.

“In order to broadcast live HD shot from the training venue, aired during newsbreaks and newscasts, it was critical that TV5 use an advanced contribution platform,” said Erwan Gasc, CEO at AVIWEST. “The PRO180 is designed to automatically detect real-time network capabilities, bonding together available networks to strengthen signal delivery. Thanks to our PRO180 solution, Filipino television viewers didn’t miss a second of the action leading up to the main event.”

SAINT-GRÉGOIRE, France — May 26, 2015