Broadcasting Live Football Games all Around the World

Sports Coverage

With AVIWEST, our customers were able to produce outstanding live football matches remotely by combining advanced features such as camera remote control from the Studio, video return, two-way IFB Intercom.

Relying on AVIWEST’s premium video encoding at low latency, reliable transmission over unpredictable and unmanaged networks, and prefect sources synchronization, Sports broadcasters stayed focused on their creativity in their remote studio!



UEFA has selected AVIWEST to provide live feeds during Match Day-1 Press Conferences and Official Trainings.
They have also been using our PRO3 transmitter series for real-time File Forward leveraging our doubly Emmy® awarded SST protocol.

A total of 34 units have been delivered across Europe!

Copa América 2021

Latin American countries relied on the flexibility, the robustness and the efficiency of the AVIWEST StreamHub and transmitter/encoder units (PRO3 Series & HE4000) for their Copa America live production.

AVIWEST provides live feeds from two different venues in Brazil (Cuiabá & Goiania). The streams are going through our Award-winning SST (Safe Streams Transport) protocol, they are received in StreamHub platforms based in Sao Paulo, and they are distributed over bonded cellular networks to many Latin American countries. We also provide video records for later downloading and archiving.

Using AVIWEST, our customers were able to successfully transmit video from each site!

Ghana Premier League

Max TV and Startimes deployed PRO3 bonded cellular field units for their live coverage of the Ghana Premier Leagues’ final match.


| July 7th, 2021 |