Provide crucial real-time field information to improve significantly command center decision making.

First Responders


Now using cameras is a no brainer for safety crews (firefighters, policemen, etc) to secure and carry out their mission, but also post-analyse in order to improve their practises. A large number of dedicated cameras are available in the market but the video transmission is rarely good enough.

With our transmitters, take a leap to the broadcast quality video world and robust transmission over aggregated cellular networks. Designed to facilitate mobility and guarantee a excellent coverage from anywhere at any time, our backpack or belt-pack transmitters provide high bandwidth transmission over 3G, 4G and 5G networks.

With our solution, your team in the field frees himself from technical constraints. The transmitters offers ruggedized chassis with a friendly easy-to use interface. The natively supports automatic startup, video source detection and automatic Live video delivery when powered on.

On the top of that, the transmitters supports dedicated intercom line and Video Return from the Command Center. These features allows the field team to get instructions, but also deliver feedback in real-time from the theater of operations. In the Command Center, you stay connected to the fields crews and can fully control any transmitters at any time, to modify any settings, start/stop Live & Record and monitor the transmission quality.

Our transmitters provide much more than Video Live transmission. The transmitters can be switched into a Data Hotspot mode to offer high-speed mobile connectivity for any device in any location in the world. Any types of traffic for any internet based application can be transmitted then.

Your devices (laptop, iOT, etc) are directly connected to our transmitter by using the local Wi-Fi network or Ethernet interface, and ready to open the door to the wireless high speed network with a minimal delay to share file, navigate on the Web, setup a VPN, etc


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