France5’s Reality TV Show selects AVIWEST

Case study
Reality Show

Bonne Pioche, a leading French television and film production company, has selected the PRO180 video uplink system to deliver live broadcast transmissions of “J’irai dormir chez vous – le direct” (“I’m Sleeping Over Tonight – Live”).

The popular television show, broadcasted live by the public television network France 5, follows French backpacker, TV host, and producer Antoine de Maximy as he travels the world and meets new people.

Specific backpack set-up

In the show, de Maximy carries two body-worn cameras and two PRO180 video uplink systems in a specially designed backpack from AVIWEST. A third camera, a video uplink system, and a second backpack are used by an additional cameraman. By providing de Maximy with advanced, portable, and easy-to-use technologies, AVIWEST streamlines the network’s operations while enabling it to transmit live HD video over 3G/4G cellular wireless networks from a variety of locations around the world, which have included Arras, Epinal, and Sète in France and Namur, Belgium.

High-quality, real-time video transmission from busy streets and in and out of buildings

“We face a number of technical challenges while shooting ‘J’irai dormir chez vous.’ The biggest issue is maintaining a high-quality, real-time video transmission as our host Antoine de Maximy walks busy streets and in and out of buildings, with varying wireless connectivity levels,” said Jérémy Bidaud, production director, Bonne Pioche.

We chose AVIWEST’s solutions because they are compact, lightweight, and reliable, guaranteeing crystal-clear HD quality. And thanks to the customized backpack they created, carrying all of the digital mobile newsgathering gear in the field is a breeze.

Jérémy Bidaud, production director, Bonne Pioche

The first 30 minutes of each show episode are streamed on the France 5 website, after which viewers can catch the next hour of the program on the network’s terrestrial TV channel. The last 30 minutes are then streamed again on the France 5 website, followed by still images of de Maximy’s experience delivered on Twitter.

Unique capabilities of the PRO180

The PRO180 features eight 3G/4G internal modems with internal high-efficiency custom antenna array, a built-in Wi-Fi modem, and two best-in-class H.264 video encoders, allowing France 5 to stream live HD video with minimal delay. Weighing about 1kg, the portable system can be easily connected to any professional camera and mounted via V-Mount, Gold Mount, or PAG plates.

One of the unique capabilities of the PRO180 system is its ability to automatically detect real-time network capabilities. Through a user-friendly and intuitive touch-screen interface, France 5 can easily configure and operate the system as well as communicate with the studio through the IFB return channel. In addition, the unit can be controlled by AVIWEST’s StreamHub receiver, the Manager management system, the DMNG Remote smartphone application, or any device connected to the unit though the network.

“France 5 was initially concerned about broadcasting a live TV show relying on the unpredictability of 3G/4G cellular wireless networks, especially since Antoine de Maximy freely explores various cities without any advance reconnaissance,” said Erwan Gasc, CEO, AVIWEST. “With our PRO180, Bonne Pioche and the TV network can always be assured of delivering high-quality video to viewers in real time, regardless of the environment, weather, or network conditions.”

SAINT-GRÉGOIRE, France — March 2, 2016