La Solution RF Simplifies Video Multiplexing With AVIWEST

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La Solution RF is a French company specializing in HD video transmission and 4K broadcasts in HF (high frequency) or over 4G/5G. Since 2003, they have offered their services to TV channels and broadcast facilities providers in sports, news, events, film and advertising.

They recently used a complete solution from AVIWEST for an HD video multiplex between the studio and 11 remote sites across France.

La Solution RF Simplifies Video Multiplexing With Aviwest

A Streamlines Solution for Mutliplexing

BMV Communication recently asked La Solution RF to build an HD video multiplex between its studio and 11 remote sites across France, as they were conducting an awards event with prizes for their employees. Due to COVID-19, the awards event could not take place in person and the price was too steep to deploy a fleet of 11 SNGs, so they offered BMV a complete system with AVIWEST solutions.

Using AVIWEST, we were able to successfully transmit video from each site, while also sending BMV the full live content and managing sound returns for the different duplexes.

Ultimately, they distributed 11 HD filming units equipped with our AVIWEST’s PRO380. This allowed them to transmit the HD signal from the cameras via 4G networks with a video latency of 800ms. In addition, they were able to broadcast live on each site thanks to AVIWEST’s return video function, which makes it possible, via an AVIWEST encoder, to send the stream back to the PRO380s connected to an AVIWEST StreamHub transceiver in the control room. People could then remotely view the live stream at each site.

For sound feedback, we used AVIWEST’s IFB feature. Thanks to a Berhinger X32 Rack connected to the StreamHub via USB, they produced personalized sound feedback to each site and avoided delay effects by having 11 differentiated IFBs. They were pleasantly surprised at the low latency of the device since they only had 900ms of latency for the video feedback.

Video Return and IFB

Using AVIWEST’s device with VMix was the perfect solution to deliver video quality and cost savings for BMV. It completely addressed their technical requirements for live video transmission quality, while adapting to current travel limitations.

Reliable Transmission for Remote Production

La Solution RF is now also using VMix and AVIWEST devices for remote film and advertising services. The remote monitoring interface for producers is fully configurable in terms of video signal content using VMix, as well as for transmission within the AVIWEST environment.

Depending on filming locations, we use AVIWEST systems to simplify signal transmission to our media center for streaming and conferences, or as a high-speed access point to manage directly on site. Our customers are reassured by having this reliable solution as a backup, even if an internet connection is available in the studio. AVIWEST technologies are essential tools for us, providing reliability, efficiency and simplicity for innovative transmission applications.

Mikael Gentil, the co-founder and manager of La Solution RF

| From TV Technology, May 31, 2021 |