Manchester International Festival “Amal – The Walk” Live with AVIWEST

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The Walk, a travelling festival of art and hope in support of refugees represented by Little Amal, a 3.5-metre puppet of a nine-year-old refugee girl. She has walked from the Syria-Turkey border, through 65 cities, towns and villages, all the way to Manchester.
Since July she has been welcomed by artists and communities at over 120 events in a remarkable 8,000km journey across Europe that culminated with a powerful finale in the English city.

oXyFire Media Creative streamed it live through our portable bonded cellular transmitters, the PRO3 Series.

The Walk Festival

Customer’s Challenges

The oXyFire’s objective was to offer an immersive experience to their viewer following up as closely as possible the puppet Amal walking in the streets of Manchester until its final destination.
And this, without any wired connections.

PRO3 Series, the Perfect Roving Video Transmitter

oXyFire Media Creative deployed two PRO3 Series to be able to meet their mobility and reliability needs to cover such an event.

One unit was paired with the field camera which tracked Amal and the street performers and streamed the live video to a second unit, installed in the remote OB van, which received the live camera stream and simultaneously sent low-latency return video back to the field camera.

Thanks to its 8 embedded cellular modems, our PRO3 Series can aggregate available networks, even if congested, to maximize the bandwidth and to stream live video with the highest quality at the lowest latency. We also provided the SIM cards which connected to all four UK Networks. If one SIM lost its connection it could be seamlessly switched to a different network.

oXyFire Media Creative was able to move freely in the streets thanks to the PRO3 Series compactness and lightweight.

You live production deserves the best, rely on AVIWEST!

| November 2021 |