New LiveGuest Solution to Simplify Live Video Calls for Professional Broadcasters

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Integrated in the Broadcast Production Workflow, LiveGuest Enables Streamlined, Reliable Delivery of Live Interviews.

AVIWEST LiveGuest empowers professional broadcasters to create engaging, innovative content for audiences by inviting remote guests to join a live video call directly integrated with their production system. The solution is easy to deploy and use, without requiring any web application or software. VIP guests, including athletes, politicians, and celebrities, simply click on an email link via laptop and they are on-air.

Professional live interviews

Conducting live remote interviews has never been simpler than with our new LiveGuest solution. Guests don’t need technical know-how or dedicated equipment to join a live broadcast — it’s as easy as a click! Since our LiveGuest solution offers easy integration with any live production platform, on-premises or in the cloud, the deployment process is 100% seamless for broadcasters.

Thomas Dellerue, product manager at AVIWEST

LiveGuest is a complete and efficient video solution that is perfect for delivering guest interviews, remote sports commentary, virtual press conferences, and public expert contributions in real time. Using the cloud-based or the on-premise solution, broadcasters can enrich their live content with commentary from remote guests located anywhere in the world.


Running on any web browser, the LiveGuest solution also supports bidirectional video return, allowing the guests to receive, watch, and hear the content being produced in the studio. Automated echo cancellation capabilities ensure no feedback or audio echo is heard during the interview. With LiveGuest, video content is received in the studio by AVIWEST’s StreamHub and can then be sent over SDI, NDI, or through multiple IP outputs such as SRT, TS, or RTMP. In addition to providing broadcasters with live production platform connectivity, the LiveGuest solution streamlines content delivery to all major social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.



| December 8th, 2021 |