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PayPal & Brick City Chooses AVIWEST Bonded Cellular for Live Streaming

VidOvation today announced that its AVIWEST bonded cellular technology delivered reliable and low-latency HD video feeds for “Local Selects Live,” a new interactive shopping experience from PayPal that debuted June 4. With an AVIWEST PRO180 system mounted on the video camera, the show’s roving film crew had the mobility and flexibility it needed to transmit broadcast-quality video and audio from the Melrose Trading Post flea market in Los Angeles.

Mobility and flexibility needed to transmit broadcast-quality video

Billed as PayPal’s first mobile market, “Local Selects Live” gives people around the world the ability to shop like a local from wherever they are, simply using a mobile device. Over the course of the two-hour live streaming event in June, internet personality Leandra Medine visited and interviewed 11 on-site vendors, and home viewers were able to purchase the vendors’ wares using PayPal. Without on-site Wi-Fi or hard-wired capabilities for connecting to the internet, producer Brick City TV had originally planned to use an on-location satellite vehicle to uplink the video feeds from the mobile film crew.

“Late into planning and testing for ‘Local Selects Live,’ we realized that the satellite uplink would not give us the reliability we needed to get our feed online and keep a steady stream throughout the show. After encountering significant problems with the wireless feed from the camera to the truck dropping out, we went back to the drawing board,” said Yoav Attias, producer, Brick City TV. “Then I heard about the AVIWEST solution from a friend who had used it successfully on A&E’s ‘Live PD’ production. After testing the DMNG PRO, we realized we’d found the ideal solution.”

PRO180 bonded cellular technology

The AVIWEST PRO180 uses bonded cellular technology to bond any available combination of network interfaces including local cellular and Wi-Fi networks, Ethernet, and satellite for high-quality and reliable video transmission links. Throughout “Local Selects Live,” the camera-mounted unit transmitted the live, high-quality video back to the control room, where an AVIWEST DMNG StreamHub receiver, decoder, and distribution platform streamed the video online.

The PRO180 was a godsend — it really saved the day for us. I had been a bit concerned about cellular bandwidth since the flea market has lots of people walking around with their phones and sharing available cellular bandwidth. But from the first second of the shoot, the system performed flawlessly and didn’t drop once. By removing the uncertainties from the technical side, the PRO180 allowed the creative side of our program to sing.

Yoav Attias, producer, Brick City TV

“I would not hesitate to recommend this system to other producers, and we plan on using it again in any situation with internet connectivity challenges. Not only was the AVIWEST gear extremely reliable, but it’s a much more cost-effective approach than uplinking to a satellite.”

LAKE FOREST, California — August 24, 2017