External cellular antenna array product line designed to extend cellular transmissions capacity and strengthen signal resilience in heavily critical network conditions.

QUAD Series

High Performance External Cellular Antenna Array

IP connectivity, everywhere

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The QUAD Series is designed to be used in combination with AVIWEST’s PRO1 & PRO3 Series, RACK1 series or AIR series transmission devices, as well as, HE4000 contribution encoder in order to add, extend, strengthen or remotely-locate transmission capacities over bonded cellular networks. The QUAD Series portfolio includes two products: QUAD Antenna and QUAD CellLink.

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QUAD Antenna

The QUAD Antenna is a cellular antenna array combining 4 patented high efficiency wideband antennas. It is designed to externalize the embedded native antennas from the PRO Series or simply add transmission capability to the RACK1 Series. It also significantly strengthens the video transmission while on the move or in hostile and constrained environments such as crowded places and areas with poor network.

QUAD CellLink

The QUAD CellLink embeds 4 last-generation 3G/4G-LTE cellular modems with their SIM cards and inherits the QUAD Antenna innovative technology. This agnostic solution can be combined with the HE4000, RACK Series and AIR Series respectively, or any other vendor devices.


Really easy-and-fast to setup, the QUAD Series definitely facilitates and enhances video professional operations when bonded cellular transmissions are used.


The QUAD Series can be mounted on motorbikes, news truck roof tops, helicopters, boats or simply on a tripod.


With its 4 patented high efficiency wideband antennas, the QUAD Series strengthens significantly the video transmission in challenging network conditions.

Product main specifications

QUAD CellLink

  • 4 internal universal cellular modems
  • 4 high efficiency antennas
  • 4 anti-slip magnetic pads
  • 3 extension links

QUAD Antenna

  • 4 high efficiency antennas
  • 4 anti-slip magnetic pads
  • up to 9 m cable with 4 MCX termination

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To download the QUAD Series’ datasheet, click here

The QUAD Series is available for sale and to rent. For a price quote, a demo request or any pre-sales question please contact us or get in touch with your local reseller.

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