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The all new RACK Series video encoder is designed for space-constrained live production, including contribution applications and multi-camera remote/at-home productions.

RACK Series

Premium HEVC Video Contribution Encoder

Distribute Outstanding Live Content

The award-winning RACK Series is designed to be deployed in fixed locations, directly connected on wired IP networks, offering a real cost-effective alternative to satellite or fiber. The RACK Series is also designed to be used on vans or trucks, connected to a roof-mounted AVIWEST QUAD CellLink (active 3G/4G multi-antennas) and/or Ka satellite transmitter, enabling video broadcast from any location around the world, even in the midst of unpredictable and unmanaged network conditions.

Equipped with a user-friendly, intuitive touchscreen, the unit supports multiple operational modes including live, record, live and record, file forward, and data hot spot for high-speed internet connectivity.

The RACK Series embeds a best-in-class full HD hardware H.265/HEVC encoder, as well as an H.264/AVC encoder to reach low bitrates at sub-second latency without comprising on video quality. Powered by the double award-winning SST technology (Safe Streams Transport), the RACK encoder offers ultra-reliable transmission on any network, thanks to an intelligent IP-bonding stack that aggregates all available bandwidth without needing to stop a live transmission, even as connections are added or dropped.



The RACK Series has been designed with ease-of-use in mind, the user-friendly intuitive interface allows broadcasting live videos in two touch creen taps.


With its 1U half rack form factor, the product reduces costs and space requirements. Delivered in a “as-a-box” design, it can also be rack mounted thanks to dedicated kits hosting one or two units in 1U.

High performance

By implementing the best state-of-the art H.265 / HEVC hardware encoder in a compact design enclosure, the RACK Series enables video professionals to provide seamless high quality live video contribution, and event coverage.

Any networks

Leveraging Emmy® award winning AVIWEST’s SST protocol, RACK Series ensures the delivery of live video even in the midst of unpredictable and unmanaged network conditions by aggregating simultaneously multiple network connections dynamically adapting the video bitrate, protecting stream content and supporting retransmission of lost data.

Product main specifications


  • H.265/HEVC & H.264/AVC Hardware encoders
  • 1 RU 1/2 rack design


  • H.264/AVC Hardware encoders
  • 1 RU 1/2 rack design

Contact & download

To download the RACK Series’ datasheet, click here

The RACK Series is available for sale and to rent. For a price quote, a demo request or any pre-sales question please contact us or get in touch with your local reseller.

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