Rack mount H.264 contribution encoder with hybrid transmission capacity over Ka satellite and cellular networks. Especially designed for installation in newsgathering vehicles or remote live video production facilities.

RACK1 Series

Advanced H.264 Hybrid Contribution Encoder

On the road, on the air

The RACK1 Series is a range of advanced hybrid contribution video encoders designed for installation in newsgathering vehicles or remote live video production facilities. Housed in a compact 1RU chassis, it embeds 1 x Wi-Fi modem and up to 8 x 3G/4G modems with SMA antenna ports on its rear panel.

The SMA antenna ports connect with two AVIWEST QUAD Antenna wideband external cellular antenna arrays that can be easily mounted on the roof of any vehicle. The AVIWEST QUAD Antenna are designed to strengthen signal delivery in critical environments such as live reporting from crowded areas.

Thanks to AVIWEST SST (Safe Streams Transport) protocol and its intelligent bonding stack, the RACK1 Series expands the capabilities of newsgathering vehicles by taking advantage of both satellite and cellular networks in various scenarios:

Uses cases

Live and Files Forward over Satellite & Cellular Networks

The RACK1 Series can stream over Ka band and use cellular links as back-up or complementary connection. It enables streaming a live over cellular connection while driving to a location, before switching to Ka band once the satellite dish is pointed. This bonding mode also ensures the transmission reliability when the performance of the Ka band decreases, particularly due to bad weather conditions or of drop in bandwidth cause by a congested network.

Live and Files Forward over Satellite

The RACK1 Series is compatible with major portable satellite uplink solutions such as Inmarsat BGAN, GX or Ka band satellite modems. It can also feed any kind of satellite modulator thanks to its MPEG-2 TS ASI output.

Live and Files Forward over Bonded Cellular Networks

Combined with two QUAD Antenna wideband cellular antenna arrays, the RACK1 Series can stream live footage over bonded cellular networks even in critical conditions such as from crowded areas.


The RACK1 Series has been designed with ease-of-use in mind, the user-friendly intuitive interface allows broadcasting live videos in 2 touch screen taps.


By implementing the state-of-the art H.264/AVC hardware encoder, the RACK1 Series provides seamless high quality news and event coverage.


Leveraging AVIWEST SST protocol, the RACK1 Series ensures the delivery of live video by bonding all together Ka satellite and cellular network connections.

Product main specifications


  • H.264/AVC Hardware encoder
  • 8 internal regional cellular modems
  • 8 external antennas connectors
  • 5 extension links


  • H.264/AVC Hardware encoder
  • 5 extension links

Contact & download

To download the RACK1 Series’ datasheet, click here

The RACK1 Series is available for sale and to rent. For a price quote, a demo request or any pre-sales question please contact us or get in touch with your local reseller.

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