Patented transport technology providing reliable, broadcast-quality transmission over bonded IP unmanaged networks. Implemented in all AVIWEST’s products.

Safe Streams Transport

IP Bonding Proprietary Technology

The heart of our solution

SST (Safe Streams Transport) is an award-winning protocol that offers reliable and broadcast-grade video quality transmission over 3G/4G/5G cellular, LAN, Wi-Fi, satellite, and the public internet by simultaneously aggregating multiple network connections, dynamically adapting the video bitrate according to the network bandwidth fluctuations, protecting stream content and supporting retransmission of lost data.

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SST protocol, the cornerstone of our solutions, natively powers all our product range, from the transmitters to the receivers, SaaS platforms and Management system.

IP Networks aggregation

Aggregation of any kind of heterogeneous IP networks to create a large transmission pipeline

Adaptative bit rate encoding

Real time adaptation of the video resolution and bit rate according to the network characteristics

QoS and Security

Transmission robustness and security ensured with packet retransmission, adaptative Forward Error Correction and encryption

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SST is also available as a software container (docker).
For pricing or any question related to the integration of the protocol in a third party solution, please contact us.

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