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In broadcast coverage, having the right equipment at the right moment means everything.

We offer rental services allowing you to always have a competitive edge by broadcasting live video in a matter of seconds.

By choosing our equipment, you’re not just getting AVIWEST quality, you can also breathe easier knowing that you’re covered by our support services. You take advantage of our global network of rental and service partners.

Rent your transmitter package to cover any event, any time, anywhere!

Be ready for the coming events


  • The Route of Dakar, Peru                                                          ♣ Special offers ♣
  • Australian Open, Melbourne
  • World Men’s Handball Championship, Germany & Denmark
  • World Economic forum, Switzerland
  • Guinean legislative elections


  • Nigerian Presidential Elections, Nigeria                                      ♣ Special offers ♣
  • South America U-20 championship
  • Sweden Alpine World Ski
  • Six Nations Championship (Rugby)
  • The international Jumping of Bordeaux, France


  • Slovak Presidential Elections
  • WRC Rally Guanajuato Corona, Mexico
  • UK/EU Brexit
  • Ukrainian Presidential Elections (1st round)
  • Argentina MotoGP 2019

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  • Algerian Presidential Elections
  • Mali Legislative Elections
  • India General Elections
  • Indonesia General Elections
  • Japan Emperor Akihito abdication


  • South African Presidential Elections
  • Tchad Legislative Elections
  • New-Caledonia Provincial Elections
  • WRC Rally, Chili
  • Giro d’Italia
  • Lithuanian Presidential Elections
  • European Parliament Elections
  • Spanish Local elections
  • Belgian Federal Elections
  • Cricket World Cup, England & Wales


  • Guatemala Presidential Elections
  • Danish General Elections
  • UEFA Champions League Final in Madrid, Spain
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup, France                                            ♣ Special offers ♣
  • Copa America, Brasil
  • Africa Cup of Nations
  • G20 Japan Summit 2019 in Osaka, Japan

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  • 2019 Wimbledon Championships, United Kingdom
  • Tour de France (Departure: Brussels)


  • 45th G7 Summit in Biarritz, France


  • Rugby World Cup, Japan                                                    ♣ Special offers ♣
  • World Championships in Athletics, Qatar

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  • Cameroon Legislative Elections
  • Swiss Federal Elections
  • Argentina Presidential Elections
  • Mexican Grand Prix Formula One


  • 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall
  • Brazilian Grand Prix Formula One
  • Uruguayan Presidential Elections

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News is unpredictable

We offer you rental services even before you request it!

Events happen everywhere

Our team and our extended network of partners provide turn-key services: transmitters, local SIM cards, batteries, chargers and other services such as cameras and crews.

Video transmission has to be secured

Our SafeStreams Technology bonds cellular IP networks to broadcast live from anywhere in the world to your MCR or to any CDN or social networks (Facebook, Youtube, etc).

Cash has to be saved

Our solution optimizes your video transmission costs using open IP networks.

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