RTVE live at FITUR 2020 over 5G with AVIWEST

News Gathering

RTVE (Radiotelevisión Española) has successfully tested new technologies for live broadcast at FITUR in Madrid, the most important tourism fair in the world. They deployed our MOJOPRO mobile application to be live over 4G and 5G Vodafone network.

One of the first 5G live streaming done in Spain.

This 40th edition of FITUR (Feria Internacional de Turismo) has involved more than 11,000 companies from 165 countries and region.
It was a meeting not to be missed!
To go live and give trade show overviews, RTVE has deployed mobile phones with our MOJOPRO mobile applications.
Whether it be over 4G or 5G network, the quality has been more than optimal. A such deployment will allow RTVE to continue to provide their viewers with real-time information even in harsh situations and/or when conventional systems suffer from mishaps (e.g. from secluded location).

Actually, our Emmy awarded SST protocol, implemented in all of our product, offers reliable and broadcast-grade video quality transmission over 3G/4G/5G cellular, Wi-Fi, and the public internet by simultaneously aggregating multiple network connections, dynamically adapting the video bitrate according to the network bandwidth fluctuations, protecting stream content and supporting retransmission of lost data.

This 4G and 5G live coverage and video transmission has been one of the first in the country.
It reinforces RTVE’s commitment to innovation and collaboration with major institutions and technology companies, such as IFEMA, Vodafone and AVIWEST.
We made it possible and that’s already a reality!

| Jan 27th, 2020 |