Ruptly live from the Colombian border with AVIWEST

Web Streaming

Ruptly, the international video news agency headquartered in Germany relied on our PRO180+ to be live from Colombian border as Venezuelans cross Simon Bolivar bridge.

Ruptly was live from the Simon Bolivar bridge in the Colombian border city of La Parada, on Sunday, February 10, 2019 where over 25,000 people cross over from Venezuela on a daily basis, according to numbers provided by the Colombian immigration office. Other than for migratory reasons, Venezuelans commonly cross the border to buy food and supplies from Colombia, where there is more variety and better value for the money.

Live streaming to social networks

The video news agency deployed bonded cellular PRO180+ transmitters to live broadcast and provide viewers an overview of the situation in Venezuela. The live stream was directly received and distributed through our StreamHub transceiver to the agency’ social network accounts.
The 3-hour live video was flawlessly posted on Facebook and Youtube. Each portal counts today more than 12 000 views for this video.

The best technology

By choosing our system that supports a wide range of networks, Ruptly is prepared for any live breaking news and is able to deliver perfect high-quality video though the public internet or unmanaged networks.


| Febrary 26th, 2019 |