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Our free live webinars aim at sharing information about our products, our solutions and our technologies. They are designed to make you an expert and help to leverage the full power of our solutions to turn your live video transmission mission into success stories.

Don’t miss the opportunity to stay informed on our live IP video innovations.



Webinars on Products

Learn more about our products and the new features implemented in the latest firmwares

Webinars on Solutions

Discover how our solutions fit into your specific use cases

Webinars on Technologies

Understand the powerfulness of our technologies implemented in our solution to better take advantages of them



Affordable & Broadcast-Grade Live Streaming Package

BeOnAIR is the AVIWEST brand new all-in-one package dedicated for on-the-move live broadcast from anywhere and to multiple online platforms. During this session, our team will present:

  • BeOnAIR key features
  • use cases
  • key advantages
  • ordering and pricing information


November 24th, 2020 | 11.00 am

(Paris time zone / GMT+1)



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