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Live newsgathering becomes faster, cheaper and more reliable with AVIWEST. Our IP-based live broadcasting solution enables our customers to transmit high quality video through the public internet or unmanaged 4G/5G networks. A much cheaper alternative to traditional telecom, satellite, fiber connections.

Designed to facilitate mobility, quick sports coverage and interviews, our PRO3 and AIR Series provide a camera-mount, backpack or belt-pack alternative to satellite.

MOJOPRO is an outstanding application offering high-quality audio and video affordable for any newsroom. It definitely encourages and empowers journalists to produce more video stories just using their smartphones, in a very fast, discreet and flexible way.

It allows flawless live streaming of videos, editing video files, and forwarding recorded content from any location over bonded 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connections in just seconds, giving a competitive edge to the user.

Sharing your live contents to your affiliates or within a broadcaster community is key to accelerate convergence between television, radio and the web. It also facilitates collaboration and co-production between partners, boosts a genuine creativity and transcends the various cultures. Our extended ecosystem matches perfectly this requirement, from the field transmitters to our StreamHub solution (available as appliance or running in the Cloud).

The StreamHub offers reliable single/multiple destinations transmission of video with a large set of formats including our double Emmy® award-winning SST protocol, open source SRT protocol, Transport Stream, RTMP, RSTP and HLS.

With our solution, your journalist frees himself from technical constraints. The transmitters offers a friendly easy-to use interface including automatic detection of video source, Video and Audio level local preview for confidence monitoring and a direct access button to start Live (Automatic Live Start is also supported).

On the top of that, the field unit supports Video return as well. This feature enables the field journalist to get the live feed or teleprompting from the Studio. In the media new room, you stay connected to the fields crews thanks to a robust intercom, and you can fully control the transmitters at any time, to modify any settings, start/stop Live & Record and monitor the transmission quality.

Today’s broadcast journalists have a colossal quantity of source material available to them. Our solutions are natively designed to integrate your Story centric workflow, helping you to manage the entire life cycle of you video resources (planification, acquisition, indexing, storage, retrieval, processing, packaging, delivery, repurposing and archiving). Our ecosystem, including Manager / field transmitters /StreamHub servers are designed to ingest the missions defined by the News Rooms Computer Server (NRCS). When connecting, the field crews select the relevant mission from the field transmitters and is ready to start a live production of recorded files transfer. The transmission includes not only the video clips but also a companion file embedding user defined metadata, such as mission title, mission description, journalist name, location, and more.

AVIWEST brings a agnostic solution and smooth integration, which is essential for effective content monetization and therefore to the business viability of media-centric organizations.

We choose AVIWEST’s solutions because they are known for being reliable, portable, and easy to use, making it easy to stream live HD-quality video over 4G networks.

Morten Brandstrup, head of news technology, TV2 – Denmark

The AVIWEST solution offered us an affordable way to stream live, high-quality video successfully from any voting center in the region.

Said Al Shreqi, director general of the Public Authority for Radio and TV (PART) of the Sultanate of Oman.


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