Always be “news-ready” with portable, cost-effective, and reliable video solutions that can be easily used from any location around the world.




Always be “news-ready”

When on the go to cover any kind of live event, you need video delivery solutions that are compact and portable, ensuring you can quickly get to where you need to be and instantly broadcast live with the best possible video quality.

Our extended products ecosystem is the perfect flexible and agile solution to quickly cover breaking news, conduct interviews and efficiently produce professional live videos.

Our advanced live IP video solution enables you to flawlessly capture and broadcast live 4K, HD and SD videos from any location around the world leveraging available Ethernet, 3G/4G, Wi-Fi and satellite networks while reducing your costs and lowering complexity by bringing less equipment into the field.


High quality video at low latency  __  Streamlined multi-site/multi cameras production  __  Reduced costs  __  More flexibility and simplified logistics  __  From anywhere

We choose AVIWEST’s solutions because they are known for being reliable, portable, and easy to use, making it easy to stream live HD-quality video over 4G networks.
Morten Brandstrup, head of news technology, TV2 – Denmark

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