Change the way you deliver remote synchronized multi-camera sports coverage with simple, portable cost-effective solutions using bonded unmanaged IP networks.


Sports Coverage



Streamline Synchronized Multi-camera Production

At-Home or Remote Live Video Production using Cellular & the Public Internet is a reality. Sports Broadcasters are looking for better, more efficient ways to contribute and distribute live content. They deal with backhauling live, high-action, multi-camera, multi-source video and audio, and their major challenge is to maintain perfect video genlock and lip sync across multiple cameras for wireless At-home, remote integration or REMI live video production.

Our transmitters embedding the double Emmy® award-winning SST protocol just do that. No need on-site crews or production trucks anymore, our sports solutions guarantee the delivery of synchronous multiple live feeds with perfect genlock and lip sync at low latency and without artefacts.


Produce Remote Live Content

AVIWEST helps you build outstanding live sports production remotely by combining camera remote control from the Studio.

Combined with advanced features such as premium video encoding at low latency, reliable transmission over unpredictable and unmanaged networks, and prefect sources synchronization, you can stay focused on your creativity in your remote studio!



Reaching the Perfection

AVIWEST delivers efficient, reliable and high-quality HD and 4K HEVC live video for any type of sporting event.

Our solutions embed the best state-of-the-art H.265/HEVC hardware encoder, offering premium video quality with less data usage, and ultra low end-to-end latency (down to 0.5 sec). Whatever your video format, we offer the solution that fits your video quality requirement.


Turn your Sporting Event into a Success Story

Our double Emmy®-awarded SST technology (Safe Stream Transport) brings an ultra-fast data link tunnel for delivering your Live safely. It combines the bandwidth of several connection including multiple connectivity technologies (such as 3G/4G/5G cellular, Wi-Fi, landed internet and satellite) for establishing an unbreakable transmission wherever you around the world.

This technology is operator agnostics and combines networks for the best possible coverage. Uninterrupted connection is guaranteed thanks to internal mechanisms such as real-time adaptive video resolution and bitrate according to the network performance, automatic packet retransmission, traffics balancing and adaptive Forward Error Correction (FEC).


AVIWEST system not only delivered a solid feed during the women’s wheelchair race, but its command-and-control capabilities gave us far more control over the video than we’ve had with some other systems we’ve used. Our technicians were happy with how it performed and found it to be a valuable production tool.

Jim Malone, director of technology for CP Communications

AVIWEST’s equipment enabled our motorbikes and helicopter to follow riders along the entire road so that they could live-broadcast the excitement of the race over cellular networks, no matter what the environment was like.

Shahaizereen A. Hamid, event director at Human Voyage


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