Telecaribe’s Carnivals live coverage

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Telecaribe will rely on AVIWEST solution and Google’s Anvato platform to offer full coverage of the Barranquilla carnivals, in Colombia.

Barranquilla Carnival is one of Colombia’s most important folkloric celebrations, and one of the biggest carnivals in the world. To collect all the excitement of the Barranquilla Carnival that will be held in March, Telecaribe will deploy 10 MoJo kits consisting of a smartphone, the AVIWEST MOJOPRO application and Rode microphones.

Our aim is to offer viewers a wide live broadcast from several location offering them multiple screens and the possibility to choose which Carnival situation they want to see. To do so, all remote journalists will feed our dedicated Anvato platform thanks to the MoJo kit. Those live streams will also brighten the main TV channel program up.

With this king of deployment, we’re creating more and more live content available for our audience.

Simón Arregocés, head of Telecaribe’s Technical Area.

Our solution

Video creation in minutes

Our MOJOPRO application allows flawless live streaming of videos, editing video files, and forwarding recorded content from any location over bonded 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connections in just seconds, giving a competitive edge to the user.

With optimized interface, advanced camera settings, dynamic resolution, and easy-to-use video and audio editing features, the MOJOPRO application range. It allows the creation of video stories in minutes and directly streams it to any video streaming platform or social network such as Facebook Live or YouTube.

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