TF1 Simplifies Delivery of User-Generated Content

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News Gathering

Utilizing AVIWEST’s MOJOPRO app and Manager, French TV channel TF1 journalists  can record and transmit video content from anywhere in the world via smartphone or tablet.

French TV channel TF1 has selected AVIWEST’s MOJOPRO solution to simplify the capture and delivery of user-generated content. Utilizing AVIWEST’s MOJOPRO app and Manager, more than 300 journalists working for TF1 or its partners from the regional daily press will be able to use their smartphones or tablet devices to deliver live video transmissions as well as record-breaking news and other important events from the remote French countryside. By bonding together available IP networks, the MOJOPRO app gives TF1 access to wider bandwidth, thereby guaranteeing high video quality at all times.

AVIWEST’s solutions support multiple networks, video resolutions, and devices, allowing us to convert any Android- or iOS-based smartphone or tablet device into a broadcast camera. The solution from AVIWEST will be beneficial to our journalists who cover news stories in remote locations. Essentially, the solution will allow TF1 to deliver high-quality video content anytime and from anywhere, transforming our digital mobile newsgathering operations.

Yves BOUILLON, head of technical outside broadcast productions at TF1

MOJOPRO, a reliable, cost-effective solution for digital mobile newsgathering

Designed to withstand harsh environmental and varying network conditions, the MOJOPRO app delivers live and recorded video files at the highest possible video quality based on the device camera’s capabilities and then forwards the files to the studio server, providing TF1 with a reliable, cost-effective solution for digital mobile newsgathering.
The MOJOPRO app includes sophisticated H.264 encoding capabilities, ensuring that TF1 can deliver high-quality video at the lowest possible bit rates. Designed with ease of use in mind, the mobile application automatically adapts the video parameters to the camera capabilities and the network conditions, providing superior quality of experience for viewers. TF1’s journalists can instantly transfer live and recorded video files over 3G/4G cellular wireless and Wi-Fi networks.

Remote management of a large fleet of smartphone devices by the Manager

The MOJOPRO app will be remotely controlled by TF1 using AVIWEST’s Manager. The Manager is a powerful server application that allows Web-based remote configuration and control of any AVIWEST transmitter, enabling news organizations like TF1 to manage a large fleet of smartphones and tablet devices. Through an intuitive, Web-based user interface, the Manager will allow TF1 to allocate resources easily and route live video content for transmission over multiple networks.

When a breaking news story happens, journalists need to be on the scene immediately. AVIWEST’s mobile newsgathering technology will assure that TF1 has competitive edge by broadcasting recorded video content in a matter of seconds. Additionally, by eliminating the need for extra broadcast cameras and transmitters in the field, TF1 will be able to reduce technical complexities while significantly reducing capital and operational costs.


SAINT-GRÉGOIRE, France — February 17, 2015