TV4 deploys AVIWEST’s Uplink Systems

Case study
Reality Show

The Swedish TV network TV4 is using the AVIWEST’s digital mobile newsgathering solution to deliver live broadcast transmissions for its new TV program “Spring!,” produced by the production company Elk together with HDR.

The equipment was provided by Best Broadcast Hire (BBH), a leading supplier in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Utilizing AVIWEST’s PRO180-RA video uplink system, with a specialized backpack, and the StreamHub receivers, the TV network can stream high-quality live HD broadcasts to viewers with minimal delay.

Compact, reliable, and effective solution at delivering HD video without latency

“‘Spring!’ is a live reality television program that follows four different couples across the country, filming them for eight hours a day, as they hide from the celebrities that are chasing them. Given the unique concept of the show, we needed a digital mobile news gathering solution that is compact, reliable, and effective at delivering high-quality video without latency,” said Johan Sandklef, director at Elk.

AVIWEST has exceeded our expectations. By enabling us to deliver a dependable and high-quality stream in real time, the PRO180 system completed the program format, allowing even more live content. In particular, we find the backpack feature especially useful for carrying the transmission gear in the field.

Johan Sandklef, director at Elk

All “Spring!” content is transmitted from Sony and GoPro cameras and then broadcast on TV4 and streamed live on TV4 play leveraging AVIWEST equipment, for which the set-up was quick and easy. PRO180-RA systems are connected to the AVIWEST StreamHub receiver, decoder, and distribution applications back in the studio, which are directly linked to an Avid editing system for post production.

Low-latency intercom communication

The inclusion of low-latency intercom communication between the studio and camera operator enables BBH to make any adjustments quickly to the video transmission before and during a live recording. This capability is essential during the show’s weekly live final, as it enables the studio host to seamlessly communicate with crew in the field, guaranteeing a high-quality experience, free of delay, for viewers.

Reliable transmission even with poor cellular network connections

Using the PRO180-RA, TV4 can deliver live transmissions via 3G/4G wireless cellular networks. AVIWEST’s intelligent bonding technology ensures transmission reliability even when cellular network connections are poor or when bandwidth decreases due to network congestion, as the system automatically detects real-time network links. Through a user-friendly and intuitive touch-screen interface, TV4 can configure and operate the systems remotely, as well as talk to the studio using the IFB two-way communication channel.

PRO180 specially designed backpack

Each DMNG PRO180-RA video uplink system weighs about 1 kg, making it ideal for transferring between locations. TV4 carries the PRO180 system using AVIWEST’s specially designed backpack solution, which can be worn on the back, for ease of use in live applications. The PRO180 backpack includes multiple compartments and pockets capable of holding all the necessary video uplink equipment, wireless microphone receivers, and required cables. A protective rain cover keeps equipment safe in the event of poor weather conditions.

AVIWEST is our go-to equipment provider for live broadcast applications. The TV4/Elk production crew was positively amazed with the level of transmission quality provided by the PRO180-RA for live HD coverage.

Oskar Pantzar, country manager at BBH

StreamHub point-to-point and point-to-multipoint video distribution

AVIWEST’s StreamHub receiver is a Linux®-based server that supports multiple output formats, allowing for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint video distribution. Utilizing the StreamHub, TV4 can receive up to 16 concurrent incoming streams from DMNG PRO180 transmitters, as well as IP cameras, and distribute live video via a variety of protocols such as RTSP/RTP, RTMP, TS/IP, and HLS. Featuring an intuitive user interface, the application allows TV4/Elk production to manage a fleet of remote transmitters easily and dynamically create live programming by interacting with remote journalists — selecting the stream to publish on air.

“When producing a quick-paced, live reality show like ‘Spring!,’ ease of use and transmission quality are critical requirements in a digital mobile newsgathering system,” said Déborah Gillet, sales manager Northern Europe, AVIWEST. “We’re happy to support TV4 on this compelling new venture and expect other broadcasters around the world to follow in the channel’s footsteps by choosing the PRO180-RA video uplink system based on its proven ability to deliver superior video quality while streamlining operations.”

SAINT-GRÉGOIRE, France — December 1, 2015