Emirates Mars Mission Ceremony Live with AVIWEST

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AVIWEST has been selected to broadcast live the ceremony of the Emirates Mars Mission: a United Arab Emirates Space Agency uncrewed space exploration mission to Mars. It took place in Burj Khalifah area with hundreds international VIPs guests.

Our local partner, Cubic, deployed our system to broadcast live this exceptional event.

The success of the mission makes the UAE the first Arab country and the fifth globally to reach the red planet!

Cubic deployed PRO380 transmitters to capture all the excitement of the ceremony and distribute the live feeds over cellular networks to more than 23 global broadcasters.
Moreover, thanks to a unique AVIWEST workflow, the Cubic’s team were able to receive crystal-clear live video feeds from the PRO3 field units directly inside their OB Van.


From the field, with any of our transmitters (PRO3, AIR or MOJOPRO), transmit your live feeds to a cloud-based StreamHub over the bonded cellular networks.

The Cloud-based StreamHub redirects these streams to RACK Series encoders paired with 2 QUAD CellLinks, placed on the OB Van’s roof. This is possible thanks to our Video return feature.
Indeed, any AVIWEST transmitters/encoders are designed to receive, decode and deliver the video return feed over their HDMI output.

And, you’re all set, you have a crystal-clear, low latency video in your OB Van coming from near or far cameras!

The Main Avantages:

  • No distance limitation between the venue and the OB Van. Place your remote production teams anywhere!
  • No lack of connectivity: our QUAD CellLink enables your connectivity and enhance your operations in the OB Van
  • No cellular routers required
  • Designed for constrained spaces: only half 1U