Strategic partnership with V-Nova to commercialize ground-breaking news-gathering solution


AVIWEST and V-Nova, video compression solutions provider, have announced a strategic partnership that will build upon the success of the Media-Telecom Catalyst project, to develop and commercialize ground-breaking products for news-gathering. The products are targeted for release in 2020.

IBC and TM Forum have been working together to bring a fast-track innovation cycle to the media and technology ecosystem, reflecting the pace of convergence in the broadcasting, entertainment, telecoms and technology sectors. Catalysts are proof-of-concept projects developed collaboratively, bringing together companies large and small to create innovative solutions to common industry challenges. The Media Telecom Catalyst Innovation projects will be showcased at IBC 2019 (RAI Amsterdam, 13-17 September).


The ‘Mobile News Gathering Using AI-Powered Compression’ Catalyst was championed by operators Al Jazeera, Associated Press, AVIWEST, BBC News, BT, RTÈ, and V-Nova, and worked on improving the quality, latency and reliability of live news contribution, especially in constrained connectivity scenarios. The challenge here is to empower journalists in the field and their newsroom production teams to enhance the transmission of news content, both live and pre-recorded, in the face of fluctuating and often unreliable mobile network coverage, and to efficiently exploit the emerging opportunity of 5G contribution.

Matt Stagg , Director of Mobile Strategy at BT Technology & BT Sport, says – “BT’s mobile network (EE) is used extensively for content contribution by broadcasters, however all 4G networks are a shared resource so can be subject to limitations in certain situations. If we take breaking news as an example you invariably have lots of broadcasters in the same location using the same uplink capacity, this can lead to congestion and degradation in video. A reduction in the bandwidth required for the broadcast means there is less chance of this happening.”
The catalyst collaboration between V-Nova and AVIWEST led to a successful proof-of-concept in less than six months. The joint product incorporates V-Nova’s P+ AI-powered next-generation streaming enhancement with state-of-the-art news gathering solutions from AVIWEST. The new solution, whose proof-of-concept is being introduced at IBC, enables unprecedented video compression performance and robustness in constrained bandwidth conditions, extremely low latency and smart adaptability to varying network conditions, making it the ideal solution for mobile news gathering and 4G/5G contribution.

Conrad Gouws, Technical Architect at RTÈ says – “At RTÈ we are impressed by the value add that V-Nova’s technology can bring to news gathering solutions, in terms of improved quality and reliability of live news contribution. We look forward to seeing the results of a successful Catalyst project translated into a new commercial-grade solution”.

The strategic partnership between V-Nova and AVIWEST will develop the successful POC into a ground-breaking news gathering solution, integrating, for the first time, V-Nova’s P+ technology into a HE4000, Multi-HD/UHD HEVC video encoder and targeting commercialization in the first half of 2020.

Guendalina Cobianchi, SVP Business Development & Partnerships at V-Nova, comments: “The Media-Telecom Catalyst Programme was an exciting opportunity to collaborate with an extremely talented and motivated team from AVIWEST and prestigious sponsors to quickly transform their needs into a powerful solution. I am excited about the potential of our P+ technology to generate a step-change performance increase in news-gathering solutions, bringing higher-quality streams without compromising on latency and flexibility”.

Thanks to the Media-Telecom Catalyst Program and to the expertise of V-Nova team, we are proud to demonstrate the potential of our SafeStreams technology combined with the P+ technology from V-Nova. This innovating solution will be a game changer for the transmission of high-quality live video with an exceptional reliability and flexibility. This is an excellent news at a time when cellular networks and other unmanaged IP networks are mainly used as primary transmission means. There is no doubt that this solution will soon prove its effectiveness over the first 5G network deployments,

Ronan Poullaouec, CTO at AVIWEST.

| Sept. 13, 2019 |



AVIWEST新一代StreamHub在NAB Show上重磅揭秘

StreamHub为广播公司提供了一个可扩展和定制的视频解决方案,用于通过单个接口接收、管理和共享来自多个移动发射机的实时流。其新的HTML5界面通过所有视频源的统一视图,包括视频缩略图和详细的传输指标,极大地帮助视频专业人员轻松高效地管理、监控和控制他们的视频传输。StreamHub可作为独立硬件设备(1RU)使用,也可以部署在任何公共或私有云上。还提供一系列SaaS产品,以全包价格提供完全托管的云服务。  4.0版开启了StreamHub新篇章,它为我们的客户提供了最新的安全增强功能,确保了一个完全安全的环境,全新的直观界面清晰简洁, 比以前更易于操作。此外,对NDI输入和输出的新支持为新闻、实时视频制作或实时视频分发提供了一系列功能。 Ronan Poullaouec,远程和无线系统工程副总裁 StreamHub凭借我司两度荣获艾美奖的SST专利协议,确保 无论通过任何托管或非托管IP网络也能实现稳定的视频传输。除SST外,普遍兼容的StreamHub还支持一组丰富的IP视频协议(SRT、RTMP、RTSP、NDI、HLS、IP传输流),以确保广播公司可以从任何PRO、AIR和RACK发射器、Makito X视频编码器或其他第三方设备接收视频馈送,并将其分发到任何目的地。  “Haivision产品管理副总裁Ghislain Collette表示:”StreamHub非常适合当今不断发展的视频直播贡献工作流程,是Haivision解决方案组合中令人兴奋的补充。通过使用StreamHub接收器简化制作工作流程并优化成本,广播公司可以制作更多的实时视频内容,从而提升观众的参与度。”     | April 24, 2022 |...